REad it and enjoy it!!!

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REad it and enjoy it!!!

Post by elune on Fri Jul 27, 2007 1:39 pm


Read it from "A-Z"

A-lways VOTE! VOTE! VOTE! Everyday before you play. (it's a must!!!)Twisted Evil
B-egging for item or anything to GMs or ADMIN will be chatblocked. silent
C-ritical punishment for those players who will not abide rules.Mad
D-o not ADVERTISE any other servers here!!! Evil or Very Mad
E-very member has a right to suggest with courteousness. Idea
F-oundation between players and GM/ADMIN should be built up.Laughing
G-iving donation to maintain the server is really important. Exclamation
H-acking an account is prohibited. Cool
I-mpersonating GMs/ADMIN will be banned. cyclops
J-ust enjoy the game and don't take it too personal... Very Happy
K-eeping/getting other player's item(s) must be reported.Sad
L-ibeling is not allowed here.Crying or Very sad
M-aking a vulgar, abusive words content in the forum = account deletion
N-ude photos are not allowed to post in forum.Question
O-ver spamming in forum is also an account deletion punishment.Razz
P-ls post at the right topic and don't post anywhere you want!What a Face
Q-uestion and answer event will occur once a week.bounce
R-ead and search forum first before you
S-hout in english only. There will be a specific day for free language.Basketball
T-reat GMs and ADMIN professionally w/ respect.Arrow
U-pdate immediately your patch when it is
V-isit always the forum for new updates and announcements.@
W-hether you like it or not u must follow the rules and regulation.tongue
X-enophobia sickness is not tolerated here.pale
Y-ou will be having new events as the BCRAN community grows.cheers
Z-ip server to the top! We must get to top 1!!!!

Pls follow the rules so you wont commit any fouls and deal with any offense... These rules are changeable anytime the GMs and Admin decided... Anyone who fail to abide these rules will be accommodating to accept the specific and precise penalty by BCRAN STAFF...

Thank you for your support guys!!!!



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